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/ How we proceed

The communication issues of our clients are just as varied as the clients themselves: one company wants its commitment to sustainability to be perceived more in the public. An entire industry sees itself threatened by the cutting of government-funded supportive measures. Oppositionists suppressed in an authoritarian state seek support through western politicians. We prepare individual solutions for all of these problems. At your request, we are also glad to implement them.
/ Analytic
Your sales are collapsing, but what is actually the reason for this? The sales? The bad press? You can only find the right solution if you know all the aspects of a problem. We look beyond the obvious over to the wider picture for our clients and are on the lookout for the nuances.
/ Strategic
Quick results are great! But is one single title page story enough to prevent planned political savings measures on a continuous basis? Our claim is to develop strategies that make our clients happy with their achievements for longer than one day.
/ Tactical
Horror of horrors, you don’t have a Twitter account yet? Maybe you don’t actually need one at all. What’s indispensible for some is perhaps not important at all for others. We find out with what measures our clients will most effectively reach their target groups.
/ Evaluative
It’s a super strategy and the measures being taken are huge, but what did you actually want to achieve again? We lay down clear objectives with our clients from the beginning, check again and again to see if we are on the right path and monitor, at the end, whether the objectives have been achieved and the project has been successful.