Who we are

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/ Christiane Maack

Expertise: Public Relations, Strategic Communication Materials, Political Communication, Trainings & Coachings

Experience: over 7 years in a leading international communications agency

Topics:consumer goods, food, paper, pharmaceutics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Studies:Media Sciences as well as Public Communication and Public Relations in Berlin and London

Languages:German, English and French

Inspiration:I love classical music, but I am not musical myself. What fascinates me most is how one single person is able to compose a symphony for the many instruments in an orchestra.

Lunch or dinner?Definitely lunch. Berlin has so many wonderful restaurants that offer a fantastic lunch menu.

Telephone call or e-mail?I mostly write an e-mail first and then call later as well.

Book or Kindle?I would like to try out the Kindle.

Press release or tweet?That’s like deciding between meat and vegetables.

iPhone or Android?Uncool, but true: Android.

Most annoying?Having to wait.

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/ Christian Hanne

Expertise: Political Communication, Public Relations, Strategic Communication Materials, Trainings & Coachings

Experience: more than 10 years in leading German and international communication agencies

Topics: human rights, renewable energies, sports, sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Studies: Social Sciences and Communication Sciences in Berlin, London, Bath and Marburg

Languages: German, English and Latin (I’m still waiting for this to prove helpful)

Inspiration:jogging because when you are running, there’s no distraction from phone calls or e-mails and I can think in peace. Whereas the thoughts are not that original anymore towards the end of the run.

Lunch or dinner? Breakfast that merges into lunch.

Telephone call or e-mail: Telephone call when I need a quick answer, otherwise e-mail.

Book or Kindle? Book. It’s only with a full book shelf that I can make the bold bluff of having read the entire works of Thomas Mann.

Press release or tweet?It’s Twitter if I don’t have more to say than I can say in 140 characters.

iPhone or Android?Against individual conformity and design fetish! Therefore Android!

Most annoying?E-mails that are not personally addressed and have typing mistakes.