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/ Professional Consultancy on Political Communication

You want your voice to be heard in the political establishment because a new law is being planned that would threaten your business? We support our clients in finding the right decision-makers to talk to in terms of your concern and to build trustful relationships with them.

We help customers to develop strategies and appropriate plans of action for their political communication. Together we identify the problem, if necessary set up a political monitoring and come up with messages that will be understood by decision makers in the political system.

We are on our customers’ side when it comes to preparing, overseeing and following up political dialogue. We help you to find the right communications formats for meeting your objective: Whether that be an informal background discussion, a letter to a politician, a parliamentary evening or other forms of political communication.

Whatever measures are taken, we ensure that these are designed to be as efficient as possible – both in terms of time and our customers’ budgets.

Depending on the scope of the project, the mutual collaboration can last a few weeks or several years. Throughout this collaboration, we keep both your corporate and communication goal in mind.

Political Communication Consultancy with Hanne + Maack Kommunikation:

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